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We are building a multifaceted solution that will function as a repository for pet health records that are portable, secure and owner permissioned. So no more relying on manual transmission of data between Vets, especially in emergency situations. Or having to carry around a separate vaccination card, it will be on hand, anywhere your phone is and you control who can access your pets medical history and when. Petcoin itself is a store of value, through the Petcoin app you can put away one-off amounts or a regular subscription, then that value can be spent on Veterinary Procedures or Pet Supplies and Enrichment. Or send Petcoin to an animal in need via the philanthropic network also built into the app.

Petcoin has a 10 year plan to establish itself as a not-for-profit organisation. So if you think at some stage, in any capacity, over the next 10 years you might like to collaborate and work with us then we would like to hear from you. We will begin offering the following types of work when we roll into stage 3 of our crowdsale (ICO - Initial Coin Offering) during January 2019 or sooner.

~ App Testers and Market Research Participants

~ Social media engagement (AKA Customer Service)

~ Administration

~ Blockchain Development

~ International Outreach and Liaison

~ Trade Marketing

The organisation (Herriot Lux Inc) will be based on the concept of a Mesh, like the way ConsenSys operate a global network that is in tune with decentralization. Moving past the hierarchical structures and monotheic principles of the time before 2150 when Bitcoin fully distributes. There is no real need to be the best, the largest, the most, sit atop the apex of a power pyramid or make the biggest pile of money. Democracy will play a big part, using the kind of dApps developed by projects like Horizon State proposals and decisions will have an element of attaining consensus through secure, immutable and efficient processes.

Our recruitment process will be something a little different. Petcoin is not necessarily looking for the best, but the people who should, want or need to collaborate with us. From the pool of pre-screened applications, with different variables depending on the type work being recruited for, our short lists will be randomly selected to 10, 20, 30. Followed by a more traditional process to select 2 candidates to be decided by a coin flip. Petcoin are cultivating a team and organisational environment that can work with anyone and develop their capability to perform a range of functions. Your official job title will be your name, then attached to that is are roles, tasks, work and activity.

What we are offering at this stage is:

Minimum wage for the organisation is $100 +GST as a contractor for 1 -10 hours per week.
Work from anywhere (that’s safe to)
Flexible arrangements. We integrate our work into your life. Rather than expecting your life to fit around our work.

Our mission and purpose is to minimise the number of animals that are euthanized due to financial restrictions of the pet owner or the lack of a robust global philanthropic network, accessible to all. Eliminate any additional suffering an animal may experience due to a delay in the transmission of treatment information and medical history.

If you would like to support or efforts in achieving this, email:

For media enquiries email:

For general questions or more information about Petcoin or Herriot Lux, visit or email



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