Mobile accessible ecosystem for pet health


Petcoin's Mission

Petcoin's mission is:

  • To develop an ecosystem for pet savings and a pet healthcare¬†philanthropic network.

  • To develop a pet owner-permissioned, medical history data aggregate the pet owner can use between clinics, hospitals and emergency centers with secure accessibility.

  • To provide supplementation for pet insurance. Aimed at reducing veterinary costs for uninsured procedures and gap fees.

  • Enhance pet healthcare worldwide. Reducing the burden of financial restrictions from pet health decisions.

  • To allow instant, permissionless, OTC payments of veterinary insurance settlement fees using a decentralized blockchain interface.

Why use Petcoin?

Everything we do is designed to improve the relationship between your vet and you.

Petcoin is currently an ERC20 token that will function as a store of value. Acting as a form of Pet Savings or Unconditional Insurance for pet owners to spend Petcoin on treatments and pet care, with vets and retailers being paid in regular dollars, seamlessly and instantly.

The Petcoin App currently in development will function as a repository for owner-permissioned pet medical records and data. Meaning no more waiting for data to be transferred between Vet Clinics when you visit a different Vet or attend a 24 hour emergency clinic. Minimizing treatment errors by having all your essential information at hand.